Вечер восемьдесят восьмой. Даша К. Нисула, Конрад Гилбэрри, Вячеслав Куприянов, Арсен Мирзаев

14 октября 2010, ЧТ, 19:00

14 октября 2010 года

Русско-американский поэтический вечер. Даша С. Нисула (Dasha Culic Nisula), славист, профессор, преподаватель и переводчик из Западно-Мичиганского университета, представляет поэтов Конрада Гилбэрри (Conrad Hilberry) почетного профессора Каламазу-колледжа (Мичиган), автора более 10-ти поэтических книг; Вячеслава Куприянова (Москва), поэта, писателя, переводчика и критика, автора множества книг поэзии, прозы и переводов (Р.-М. Рильке, Эрих Фрид; Хайнц Калау и др.) Арсена Мирзаева (СПб.), поэта, литературоведа, автора 13-ти поэтических книг.

Dasha C. Nisula teaches and translates Slavic literature. Thus far she has published two books of poetry in translation. Her translations have appeared in American and British literary journals as Modern Poetry in Translation, Pennsylvania Review, Colorado Review, IQ: International Quarterly, and, most recently, The Dirty Goat and Absinthe: New European Writing. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan and works at Western Michigan University. Conrad Hilberry is emeritus professor of English at Kalamazoo College, author of a dozen books of poetry, among them Player Piano, The Fingernail of Luck, and, most recently, After Music (2008) and This Awkward Art (2009), a collection of poems with his daughter. He is co-editor of Contemporary Michigan Poetry: Poems from the Third Coast.

He lives and works in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Russian free verse master, prose writer, translator and critic, Vyacheslav Kupriyanov is author of numerous collections of poetry and fiction. His work has been translated into most European languages. His own translations of German and Austrian poets have appeared most recently in an anthology Foreign Poetry in Translation, Raduga 2009. He lives and works in Moscow. Arsen Mirzaev is an avant-garde poet, theoretician, editor, and organizer of free verse festivals, poetry readings, and conferences in St. Petersburg. Author of some ten books of poetry, his most recent publication Tree of Time was published in 2008. His poetry

has been translated into English, French, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Czech and Chuvash languages. He lives and works in St. Petersburg.